The History

The ancient stone farmhouse stands on the top of a hillock, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves that extend over the entire slope.

The first documents that testify to the existence of a farm with vines and olive groves, probably owned by the Boninsegni family, date back to the 1700s. More recently, the farm belonged, among others, to the Fanelli family, former owners of the castle of Sarteano, and the Mori family, with the name of which the farm is identified.

The Philosophy

There is hardly any writer who has not celebrated the happiness of rural stillness and delighted the reader with the melody of birds, the whisper of woods, and the murmur of streams.

In the open countryside, among the olive trees and the vines, stands the Poggio Mori agritourism facility. The dominant element is the stone: the local travertine, which, combined with wood and steel, was used for wall coverings and furnishings. Symmetry, linearity and essential decorations characterize the entire structure.

The bio sustainability

EU agriculture – Our wines are organic. The evocative nature of the place has always pushed to reflect on the value of agriculture and sustainable development, which can be translated into full respect for the “land”.

Renewable energies use of natural fertilizers, absence of pesticides: every activity is carried out in the direction of sustainability and with respect for the vine and the territory.