The estate

The beautiful stone villa sits at the top of a hill, overlooking vineyards, fruit and olive trees.

The main villa dates back to the Eighteen Century, as per some documents about a farm in this area, probably belonging to the Boninsegni family from Siena. Among the past owners of Poggio Mori there is the Mori family.

Someone thinks the farm was named after them but according to others its name comes from the wild plants with berries, called ‘mori’ that you could find in the vicinity of the farm.

Today Poggio Mori is an elegant country house.

The ancient house was completely and beautifully renovated after a long and careful work, that restored it to its original neat and essential lines. Simple decorations and modern furniture combined with the use of travertino, the local stone, wood and steel make the house essential and elegant. In front of the villa, you find the ‘limonaia’, our breakfast room, with wood oven and barbecue,

and ‘the Cottages’, the new apartments, perfectly integrated with the ancient villa, through stone
paths and steps, going around two wide decorative pools.
The courtyard below the pools is partly dedicated to fitness with Technogym equipment and
a wellness room. Close to the house an outside dining area with gas barbecue and garden seating

Full immersion in nature

Surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Poggio Mori is perfect for an unforgettable stay. You can relax sitting in the garden, walking or biking in the country, having a treat in the wellness room

or sunbathing on the terrace of the stunning infinity pool or can enjoy your time
playing tennis, bocce, doing keep -fit or any further activity you would like us to organize for you.

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