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Organic extra virgin olive oil

VARIETIES. Frantoio, Leccino and Olivastro or Maschio.
// Disc crusher, decanter and oil separator to make cold extraction // CHARACTERISTICS Golden in colour with a hint of green, good structure, slightly fruity and soft,
with a pleasant aftertaste.


Cherries – Plums – Yellow plums – Apples, oranges and walnuts – Apples and Sangiovese grapes – Apples – Sangiovese grapes – Rose HIPS – Pears – Quinces


Cherries – Apples – Wine – Sangiovese grapes. They are very good to complement meat, cheese and desserts


Dried fruit and fruit in syrup. They can be used as a snack or a delicious dessert, served with icecream, and are ideal to make cakes

In oil

Pumpkin with chilli – Sweet and sour plums. Ideal with meat and cheese or simply with bread.

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